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Below is my one year written health guarantee. Please read closely. Under these conditions only will your puppy be replaced when one comes available of same price, sex, and Registry .  You will receive a signed copy of this when purchasing your new baby.

Loyal Pups

1 year Heath Guarantee The purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 business hours. A copy of the exam must be mailed to Sherry Hill post marked within 3 days of the purchase. Guarantee begins at the date of actual purchase.If one is found….or in case of death an autopsy must be performed (at owner’s expense) and you must provide to Sherry Hill immediately written documentation from a certified vet stating the defect or cause of death and Sherry Hill will send it to our vet for review. No puppy will be replaced that fails to have the proper veterinary care.I will not guarantee hypoglycemia (this is up to the new owner to prevent). If you are going to become a toy dog owner you will want to know the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is often seen in young toy puppies and most of the time the symptoms can be controlled by eating or giving some glucose such as nutria cal or white Karo syrup to the puppy. Glucose is what the body uses as fuel and is necessary for the brain tissue and muscles to function. It can cause your puppy to become confused, disoriented, drowsy, have the shivers, stagger about, collapse, fall into a coma, or have seizures. Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning. A puppy may be stressed by shipping, or a missed meal, being chilled, or even exhaustion from playing too much. Because of their tiny size, toy puppies can not eat a lot at one time and run out of fuel quickly. Puppies should be fed several times a day a high quality diet. Most puppies will outgrow the problem. Some very tiny dogs will continue to have bouts of hypoglycemia throughout their life. If your puppy experiences episodes of hypoglycemia it is important to restore the blood levels of glucose as quickly as possible.I am NOT responsible for hypoglycemia. Patella problems, hernias, and pinched nostrils are not life threatening problems and are common in small (toy) breeds. These items are not covered in this guarantee. Hernias can be fixed easily when your puppy gets spayed or neutered.We guarantee parvovirus and distemper ONLY if we are contacted within 3 days of the purchase because the puppy can get the disease after it departs our home. Diagnosis and lab result must be provided immediately to Sherry Hill. This also has to be agreed upon with my vet.I am not responsible for any vet or medical bills that are incurred by the said puppy from the date the said puppy leaves with its new owner. It is the sole responsibility of the new puppy owner to treat the puppy for all and any medical conditions that arise from the date the said puppy is in the care of the new owner and thereafter. Heart, Kidney, and Liver are the ONLY conditions that are covered by this contract. Every puppy will leave being seen by my vet to clarify the said puppy is in good health at the time it left my home (the breeder). You must maintain the puppies good health by the daily nutritional supplement from NuVet Plus. This will protect your puppy from well known ailments listed on the NuVet page on the left of my web sight. Please order to have on hand when your puppy joins your home.  I will not guarantee size, color and temperament. Nor do we guarantee fitness for breeding. Weight is only an estimate. Prices are according more to quality than to size. Prices can vary according to the more rare colors.All puppies MUST remain on a regular vet’s schedule to be determined by the vet and up to date on shots and fecal exams at all times.Once said dog has left the home of Sherry Hill, we are not responsible for any infection, allergies, illness or behavioral problems that may occur. This guarantee is against life threatening congenital defects limited to heart, liver, kidney, and lungs only for the first year of the pup’s new living arrangement. This guarantee is NOT transferable. If you are not the original buyer this agreement is null and void. The buyer agrees that the puppy will never be placed in a shelter, rescue, or sold to a broker, per shop, or puppy mill. If the buyer is unable to keep the puppy, the buyer is asked to contact Sherry Hill to re-home.  

      ANY LEGAL ACTION TAKEN regarding this purchase will be handled in Randolph County of the City of Asheboro NC.  
Puppy's AKC / CKC reg #                                             Purchase Price:                              DOB:                       Breed: Color:                 Sex:                           

Buyer Name:                                                                                                                   Address:                                                                                                                         City/State/Zip:                                                                                                                 Phone:                                         

Breeder Name: Sherry Hill (Loyal Pups)   
Breeder (Seller) Signature:                                                                       
Phone:  (336) 879-1078 or (336) 963-4957                
Email: loyalpups@yahoo.com    
Vet receipts should be sent to the above address post marked with in three days of purchase of puppy for 1 year health guarantee to be in affect. If not received then guarantee is null and void.

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