LOYAL PUPS - Forever Friends Available
Deposits are non-refundable 

 It is very easy to place a deposit on the puppy you have chose to join your family. You are able to use your credit card by clicking the pay now button above your pup and following the prompts. You can also mail your deposit to my home via certified check or  money order. I will wait three business days to receive it. If not received the puppy will be released for sale. The deposit can also be received in person when viewing your baby. You can place a deposit from the age of birth until 8 weeks of age. At 8 weeks of age the pup will need to pay in full. I am gladly able to hold the pup for you longer if discussed prior. 


The reason that the deposits are non-refundable is that when you place a deposit the puppy is considered sold. All advertising stops and the money you have placed on this pup is already put back in the kennel. Your deposit holds this pup for you and you only. All other inquires are turned down. As a puppy grows and gets older it misses the chance to be placed in a home if you back out. Please make sure you are POSITIVE in the chose.Please make sure you are able to pay the balance and able to afford check ups and medical care in the puppy's future. 

  I do take checks as deposits only, but final payments have to be paid in cash.

 **When placing a deposit on a puppy you agree** 

1.You will pay the balance in full by 8 weeks of age.

2.You will take the puppy to the vet within 72 hours to
ensure your puppy is healthy. 

3.Contact me within 72 hours if your puppy has a life threatening health condition

4.If you do not contact me within 72 hours if there is an issue you except this puppy as is.

5.You will keep your puppy's health care up to date.

6.At any time you can not care for your puppy or adult you will contact me before taking to a shelter or pound.

7.Never mistreat, abuse, or neglect this puppy/adult.

8.Agree no monies will be returned if not satisfied with the puppy after 72 hours of placement due to life threatening health issues if not notified before 72 hours and if the puppy is not returned after vet visit.

*By placing a deposit on your new little one you agree to* all the above. 

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