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Update from Goldsboro 

Happy Easter!  Tripp (Indigo in your July litter) is 8 months old and 70lbs!  He can sit, stay, lay down and roll over. He's quite the charmer. He ran his first 5k this past week and did great. He loves water and other dogs!  We love him!  

It’s hard to believe but Layla (aka Karis) will be one year next month.  Thought you would like to see her grown up at about 55 lbs now.  What a beautiful animal she is.  We love her so very much.
Jeff and Julie Hill

Hi Sherry,

Just sending you an update and pic of Cruz. We're not getting over how fast he's growing! We sure do love him! He's doing great!

Tina Peace 
May 2016


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  As promised we wanted to send you a picture of Bruno (we called him Tyson).  Merry Christmas!

Hi my name is Melissa Coto!
 We bought a puppy from you about a year and a half ago shes a white boxer named Piper, I had been meaning to send you pictures of her throughout the year but never was able to get around to it. Anyways, here are some pictures of her from the last year! 
Her on the bed we made for her when she came home!
This is from her first birthday party!
Here is her birthday cookie on her actual birthday!
Her first Halloween! Her at the dog park,Her favorite blanket.

Hi Sherry, I wanted to share these photos of Magda, and to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
Evelyn Cook

Hi Sherry,
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to touch base and let you know that Jason and I are completely in love with little Magdalene. She is a sweetheart, and is so cute! She's been adjusting well to her new home too…plenty of toys, playtime and love. 
We took her to the vet the week we got her and everything went well. She was a whopping 2.1lbs. She has her next set of shot this Saturday. 
Attached is a picture I took of her this past weekend (she loves her gator). She's growing like a weed, but we're enjoying every minute of it.
Enjoy the holidays! 


This is my Mizzo, 8months 2wks! Purchased March 2014 from Sherry and he is the perfect loyal pup! Happy, healthy and oh so handsome. You are an awesome business woman  breeder.
 Thanks so much!
Denita Powell

My puppy Sadie is amazing. I have never had a dog with such a sweet disposition. I have had her groomed twice and the groomer and the vet say she is perfect. Has the patience of Job with my 3 year old niece. Thank you for being such a high standards. 

Hi Sherry,
I forgot to send you a photo on Miko-Chan's birthday this year (Jaunary 19th) She is now 2+ years old. Isn't she a beautiful young lady?
We took her to a pig pickin' out in the country yesterday so she could run. She had a blast and this is one of the few times she stopped running so I could take a snapshot. Just wanted you know she is still doing great and we love her to pieces.
Karen, John and Miko-Chan

Hello Sherry,
    Just wanted to take a minute to give you a update on Bella ( a boxer puppy we got from your grandmother she was born 4-25-13). She is wonderful full of life and love! She adores my kids and gets so excited when they come home from school. She is definitely the smartest dog we have ever owned she can sit, stay, lay down, roll over, and shake we are still working on not jumping up on people!! She loves any toy that squeaks no matter what it is and will make you pay attention to her by getting in your lap and squeaking it in your face. She is very healthy has been spayed and at her last vet appointment weight about 40 lbs definitely going to be a big girl!! I'm adding some updated photos of her thanks again for helping us find the perfect dog for us.

                                           Happy Holidays,
                                            Morgan Moree

Sasha is a year old now and an enormous joy to my husband and I. Here she is riding with her Daddy in the truck, she loves sitting in the middle when she can talk us into taking her out of her kennel! She is a wonderful pup, at one year she is 5.7lbs and perfectly healthy. Her disposition is exceptional, a perfect little shih tzu! She had a little birthday party with her own special birthday cake made just for her by a local puppy bakery, she ate the whole thing. I don't know if you remember, but when you delivered her to me you commented on her "prancing" about your house as a baby.....she does this even as an adult :) Thought you might like to see her all grown up. I will continue to send updates and pics as her and I continue our journey together. Thank you again for our precious little girl. 

Tricia Corn

PS- we married in Dec 2012, my maiden name was Tricia Oglesby

Hey Sherry, just wanted to take a minute and tell you how wonderful Bella is, I honestly think she is the smartest dog I have ever had.We have had her 13 days and she is already house broke ( we bell trained her I highly suggest this) and she knows how to sit,lay down, and stay already. Her personality is great she is full of life and love. One of her favorite things to do is run and "kangaroo hop" after my two boys in the yard. She likes to bark and act very fierce with my husband which is hilarious. She is so spoiled that she refuses to sleep on the floor or on her bed, she has to sleep on the couch or in my bed. I included a picture of her,   I will send more with my next update thank you so much for helping me bring this beautiful baby into our family we are so greatful for you and our new baby. Thank you again for making my two boys one and only wish come true. -Morgan Moree

Hi Sherry,
 I just wanted to check in and give you a quick little update on Bella (aka Boxer puppy Harley). Today is our 3rd day with her and we couldn't be happier with her.She has yet to use the bathroom in the house,so she is pretty much house trained(thanks so much for that)!And her little personality is starting to show, she is very social and loves everyone. Her favorite thing to do is run and "kangaroo hop" (as my son calls it) after my two little boys in the yard.She loves her new bed, but often rolls off because of her fat little belly and loves to get on top of you on the floor and shower you with all kisses you can handle.She had her first vet check up today and everything was great,she is whopping 8.8 lbs! I can't say thank you enough for helping me make my boys one and only wish cone true, Bella is amazing and so are you! I will be in touch soon with another update and pictures of my beautiful girl
.Thanks again, 
Morgan Moree

I wanted to let you know Gracie is an Angel!! She is adjusting so well, and quickly. She has been playing with her toys, and loves her bed...she even stayed in her crate last night without crying. I did a 1 am walk and a 6 am walk...she did great. We are so impressed with her, and cannot get over how well she just fits right into our home in less than a day.....oh, and the fact that she already knows how to play fetch??? (Love it) 
Thank you sooooo very much for raising a beautiful puppy for us! 
Christine & Greg

Hi, my name is Kiesha. I bought a female shih tzu from you last august I believe it was. she is 8 months old now. I just wanted to send you a new pic of her and let you know she is doing great, spoiled rotten and loved so much. Her name is Mabel Irene. The first pic is a week or so after we got her and the second one is a pic from about 2 weeks ago.
The Cole's

        Current pic

1st pic

Hello,  I wanted to send you an updated photo of her so you could see what a beautiful little girl she has become.She turned 1 year old on January 19th, 2013. We found a wonderful groomer who comes to our house - she was just here this morning pampering Miko-chan. She's already a little messy since she is a real tomboy at heart, but I hope you enjoy the photo.  we love to show her off! You wouldn't believe the number of compliments she gets each day. When we take our walks people in cars actually stop to ask about her and tell me how beautiful she is. :)
Karen, John and Miko-chan

Hey Sherry!!!
I've been meaning to do this for quite a while...just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful addition to our family!!!  
We are so thankful to have found Loyal Pups and you!  Thank you so much for all of your help, answering questions and helping with the registration process.  
Reese is such a great dog, beautiful and healthy...and spoiled rotten!!!!
I would recommend Loyal Pups for anyone looking for a new puppy!!!
Leko Myers

Hi Sherry, 
Just thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of the puppy, Miko-chan. These pictures were taken yesterday so I guess that makes her about 17 weeks old now (born Jan 19th 2012).
Miko-chan is doing really well and we love her more than you can imagine. She is such a joy! 
She is very social (loves everyone and every other doggie she sees) and she gets extra excited when she hears/ or sees children. 
She just loves to play! 
It was such a breeze to get her house trained that we were amazed. 
She's also already picked up on how to 'sit' and what a 'cookie' is too. :)
Thanks for a wonderful addition to our family,
Karen and John  

Loving my Yorkie Lola!
 I am so happy that I found loyal pups. The whole experience from deposit to pick up was wonderful. Sherry is amazing and made me feel so at ease through the entire process. I had never put a deposit on a puppy that was no where near ready to come home, and was too far for me to go see. Sherry made me feel involved from the very first minute; telling me everything I needed to know about my Lola, and regularly posting pictures of my Lola so I could see her grow while I waited to bring her home. She also focus on the the health and quality of her pups. I would recommend Loyal Pups to everyone, and would buy a puppy from them again.She is just over 3 lbs now and is a healthy, happy pup. Thank you so much for making my experience so positive .

Our Teddi

We feel very lucky to have found Sherry and Loyal Pets. Our Shih Tzu puppy, Teddi, is a little package of perfection. Not only does he possess all the beautiful, physical attributes that the Shih Tzu breed is known for. But he is also friendly, sociable, curious, fun-loving, sweet-nature and playful. Sherry even gave him a head start on outside potty training.Thank you so much! 

Darlene & Ron Koppel: Sep 21, 2010darlenekoppel@mchsi.com


I had been looking for a new puppy to add to my home for a while when I came across Loyal Pups website. As I was looking through the available puppies I came across a beautiful Liver and White female with beautiful green eyes. I knew from the moment I seen her I just had to  have her. Sherry was very friendly and answered every question I had about her as quick as possible, she even met me with her so I could see her in person since I lived so far away. When I met Bella I knew she was mine but I hated not being able to take her home with me, but Sherry promised to keep me updated with pictures and info on her until I picked her up and that's exactly what she did. Bella was in great health when we got her and still is to this day. She is so loving and is always giving kisses. She gets along great with my other dogs. She is true to the size that I was told she would be and has a very nice coat. I would recommend Loyal Pups and Sherry Hill any day and if it comes a time where I decide to add another precious baby to my family she will be the first I contact. Kenneth Hawker review :Sep.13, 2010skippy2814@hotmail.com

Our Dori

I am so pleased with the puppy that we purchased from Sherry and her family. She was just what we were looking for. When we picked her up she was so clean and her coat was beautiful. I was a little nervous about purchasing a puppy that I found online but after speaking with Sherry I felt so much better. You can tell that she loves her puppies and takes extraordinary care of them. We love our Dori and she was worth every penny and then some. Thank you Sherry:)
Shelly Brooks: review Aug 11th 2010

Searched for a long time
I had to put my beloved shih tzu to sleep due to a stroke. I looked all over the web and through the paper and came across loyal pups. The dogs are wonderful. I bought a female and she is very healthy and happy. You can tell that these dogs are from a loving and caring home. The puppy got an excellent bill of health from my vet. You will not be disappointed
valerie, July 8, 2010

I searched the web for just the right breeder -
and you were it!  Your love and concern for each of your pups was very evident to me.  And your patience and quick response to all my questions and concerns was greatly appreciated.
My whole family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for our sweet little Portia.  She is our third Shih Tzu, joining our two older dogs - Priscilla and Percy.  They have blended smoothly into a cheerful trio of fluffiness! our home and lives are fuller.
You have raised a delightfully well socialized and affectionate little pup and we feel so blessed to have her in our home. She is the perfect balance of bounces and snuggles, and we look forward to many years ahead filled with Portia-joy!
Thank you, Sherry - so much.
Blessings - Review March 24th 2010

Happy birthday Leila !!
I just wanted to send you a picture on my First Birthday.  I am full grown weighing in at 11 lbs.  I am a very good girl & I am very, very spoiled.  My mommy's Company shut down 6 weeks ago, so she has been home with me everyday & I am loving it.  She has also given me a nick name because she thinks I look like a little teddy bear in the face.  She calls me Pooh Bear & I really like it & answer to it too.  Well, I hope you enjoy the picture.
Woof Woof,

Our sweet baby Patches
 We purchased a happy healthy well adjusted Chihuahua from Sherry and her family. All I can say is Sherry you Rock! Our sweet baby arrived and we are so in love with her. Sherry is a wonderful person she makes the whole process from start till your puppy arrives a great one. Sherry has constant contact with you she will answer any and all questions you may have send you pictures if you request more pics of the pup your interested in. Sherry treats all her dogs as her little babies and that is very rare in a Breeder. If you are reading this please consider looking no were else Loyal Pups have given us a slice of Heaven and we can't thank them enough. We are planning to get another pup from Sherry in the future. Thanks Again for our sweet baby Patches.
Reviewer: April, Feb 28, 2009

My loving Shih-tzu Puppy
My family had recently lost our shih-tzu and I wasn't looking to replace Boo Boo but there was so much love we could give a puppy.I would look in the paper and online in my free time to see if any pup could grab my heart like Boo Boo did.When I ran across Shanna I knew she was the one for our family. I sent a email and with in the hour Sherry had answered all my questions and even consoled me while I cried about Boo Boo. I didn't know it would be so emotional looking for a new baby but Sherry was there for me like we had been friends forever. I set up a meeting to see Shanna and she was more beautiful in person than I ever thought could be possible. Needless to say she was our new baby from that day on. It has been three weeks and from day one she was healthy, loving, potty trained, and has brought us joy every second of every day. I thank you from the bottom of our hearts We will always keep in contact. Your friend Barb
Reviewer: Barb, November 13, 2008

Precious Pup
We had been looking for a special shih tzu baby for our 6 year old daughter, when I spotted a sweet 3 day old pup Sherry had. I was concerned about committing to one so young, not sure if she would be what we were looking for, but after talking w/Sherry, felt comfortable enough to put a deposit on her. Through the following weeks, Sherry was great about sending lots of pictures, and answering any questions than I had. When we finally meet our "Abby Angel", she was just as Sherry described, and absolutely perfect! Thanks Sherry!
Reviewer: Edie, November 3, 200

This was my first experience buying a puppy. Sherry (and her family) at Loyal Pups made the experience stress free. I made one phone call and immediately, I was allowed to visit and check out the Loyal Pups facilities. I was very impressed. All of the puppies were very sociable and had great temperaments. The parents were also on site. I picked Trinity about two weeks before she was ready to go to her new home. When it was time for her to go to her new home, Loyal Pups was very willing to allow me to pick her up based on my schedule. The puppy kit that was provided was a big help also. Trinity has been a load of fun and has provided hours of entertainment! I would definitely recommend Loyal Pups to anyone looking for a quality puppy without the outrageous price tag! Thanks again Sherry and family!
Reviewer: Kel, October 20, 200

Excellent Puppy
Loyal Pups is a great kennel to deal with. They take great care of their pups and one can tell that breeding is not just another form of income for them. They really care about their pups. I highly recommend purchasing a boxer from them for a no hassle no worries experience. Thank you to Lori and Sherry for Zach.
Reviewer: Brian, October 13, 2008

We purchased Aubree's Brother
We picked out our puppy in mid-Sept and they held him for us until we returned from our honeymoon. The kennel was in excellent condition. The puppies were very well cared for and very clean. I highly recommend Sherry to anyone looking for a puppy. If you purchase Aubree and would like to stay in touch with a brother from the litter, please feel free to contact us, as well if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Jen, October 13, 2008  

One Smart Cookie!!
Dear Sherry, It has been one week and we love our shih-tzu  Lily. She is the sweetest, smartest most loving little puppy. She goes to our back door when she has to go outside to peep or poop! She sleeps in her crate and cuddles up with us all the time.  The vet gave her a gold star saying she was very healthy. She weighed 2 lbs 14 oz. She has been everywhere with us and has been such a wonderful girl. All of our friends have begged for your phone number and will be on your waiting list.

Thank you for such a great puppy. She seems to love us as much as we love her.

Debra and Sam, July 11th, 2008

Best Breeder in North Carolina
I bought a Shih-Tzu from Sherry almost two weeks ago and I want every one to know that I am very happy that there is a breeder that puts so much love and care in the health and well being of her puppies. I have researched and emailed LOTS of breeders in NC, TN, SC, and GA and there is no competition in the experience of person ability, quality of health, beauty, and socialization of puppies she offers. I bought a wonderful black and white female Shih-tzu and she is the best addition to my family we have ever made. I will be in contact with her for life and will always advise people to deal with her in purchasing a new family member.. Thank you Sherry and your family is wonderful..
Reviewer: Kristy, June 20, 2008

I recently bought a Shih Tzu from Sherry and am so glad I found her! I was hesitant about shopping online but Sherry eased my fears. She was worth the 2 hour drive and always worked around my schedule on the occasions we met. She even met me a little closer to my home so I could meet all the puppies. Sherry has always been available by phone or email. She continues to answer questions even though I bought my puppy a month ago. He is healthy and happy and I could tell he was well cared for and loved by Sherry. I will always recommend Sherry. She is a PRO!
Reviewer: Koni, May 16, 2008 

Knowledgeable, caring and personable breeder
It was obvious to me that Sherry, the breeder of my baby Rocco, was an excellent choice when she offered to send pictures of his growth and kept in touch right from the start. She sent us pictures every week! She said, "You may want to keep a baby book of him!" When we decided on a name, she immediately changed his paperwork and started calling him by that name, so he already knew his name when we got him. Sherry was also very flexible the day we picked Rocco up. My husband and I needed to change the day and location several times and she was very helpful. You could tell Rocco had LOTS of love before we picked him up. He was bathed and clipped and she was very organized with his paperwork (vaccinations,registration, etc)...she even sent home a "puppy care package" with some toys, puppy info, and his current food. I am overly satisfied and I highly recommend this breeder! We love our little Rocco!
Reviewer: LezLee, April 21, 2008

I bought my beautiful Shih-tzu a week ago and this was the best investment for a family pet Ive ever made. I contacted Mrs. Hill and in no time at all I had a response to all my questions , extra pictures, and an appointment to meet with the pups and the parents. When I arrived at the home the family was very friendly and I quickly could tell that the puppies were loved unconditionally. They were very well socialized with the children and the puppies were very healthy, happy, and part of the family.It was great to see a breeder that was selling the pups for the love of the breed and not only to make money. The quality of the adults and pups were remarkable. Our family has made forever friends with the Hill family and will only buy shih-tzu's from this breeder in the future. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to give us this beautiful gift from god. I will keep in touch.
Reviewer: John, April 17, 2008

Healthy puppy and loving breeder
I bought my shih-tzu through Sherry in December. She was very friendly, honest and you could really tell she cared about her puppies. She answered all my questions, emailed me pictures every week, and was very quick to answer my emails. This was the first puppy I ever bought on line and was very hesitant at first. As soon as I was in contact with Sherry I knew that her pup was the one I was looking for.When I got my puppy she exceeded all my expectations. She has a beautiful healthy coat, wonderful personality , and is 100% healthy. I would love to purchase another pup in the future and would recommend her to everyone looking for a new baby.
Reviewer: Karen, April 15, 2008

Loyal Pups - an outstanding breeder to deal with!
Buying a puppy over the Internet was a new thing for us but dealing with Sherry at Loyal Pups made it easy and fun! Whether by email or over the phone, Sherry always got back to us right away and happily made time to answer our questions and help us with our selection process. She provided lots of information, she sent multiple pictures from the Boxer litter we were interested in, and she really helped us find the right puppy for our family. We looked at many breeders before making our decision and the quality and character of the puppy (we've named her Mya, after the star of "Eight Below") was simply excellent - she is gorgeous, healthy, and a real clown! She fits right in with our three little boys and we couldn't love her more!
Reviewer: Tracey, January 6, 2008

Review on Sherry Hill!!!
I have to say this is the BEST experience i have ever had. Sherry was in constant communication with me. She would email me back right away and when i called her she answered. She sent me updated photos of my puppy and helped every step of the way. I would have not wanted to deal with anyone else but Sherry Hill. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She has made this such a pleasant transaction. If you are buying a puppy/dog from Sherry Hill you will NOT be disappointed! Thank you so much!!! I will keep in touch.
Reviewer: jessica, October 13, 2007

Breeder Sherry Hill
I would highly recommend anybody to do business with Sherry Hill. My wife and grandson found the puppy on the website and I contacted Sherry late on Saturday nite and she emailed some updated pictures and on Sunday afternoon,we had our new addition to our family "BUZZ". It was well worth the 98 mile drive to do business with Sherry Hill. I will do business again hopefully next year.,Puppies are up to date on shots and worming.Very healthy puppies!!!! Thanks again for making our grandson so HAPPY!! Doug & Liz Carver
Reviewer: doug, July 16, 2007
Review on Breeder Sherry Hill
I was very pleased with the process of adopting/purchasing this puppy from sherry. She is a very kind, family oriented breeder, which showed me that my puppy was coming from a great home environment! The process of contacting sherry and the payments were easy and convenient, and she was very reliable. My puppy came in great health and is just a joy to have around! I suggest adopting puppies from Sherry if you want a loving companion.
Reviewer: Jessica, June 3, 2007

Sherry was wonderful to work with and has fast to respond. The weekly update photos were a great touch...My new puppy is a great joy and a fast learner...He gets lots of attention every where we go. I would recommended Sherry to all of my friends and would use her again in the future!
Reviewer: anne, May 31, 2007

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